Fantastic Plastic Records

Fantastic Plastic Records is a record label company based in England; the site was design by and programmed by Byteset.

The main features of the site include the auto-repositioning buttons (on browser resizing) of the home page and the fade-in effect introduced in all the pages that gives a glance of the background text indicating the page title.

The site was entirely hand coded in HTML, while effects and animations are achieved using javascript (jQuery)

Van Rooij and Griffiths

Van Rooij and Griffiths are a successful London-based contemporary cabinet-making company, producing work ranging from residential and shop interiors to display and exhibition installations.

The site was designed by and programmed by Byteset.
As “Van Rooij and Griffiths” needed a cost effective way to update their portfolio every section of the site is up-datable through a bespoke and easy to use CMS.

Is a new dictionary to aid Japanese speakers learning Spanish, Portuguese, English and vice versa.

BocaBo strives to be a “living” reference for translators, the dictionary is community-driven and maintained by volunteers who will check the accuracy of the BocaBo database. As the project grows, contributors can help to record the modisms, idioms, names, and words that evolve with everyday language.

BocaBo is a Byteset and Yanasa join project.


Msquared is a consultancy company, owned by Roger Beckett, specialized in helping professional membership associations increase income, build membership numbers and commercial activities as well as benchmarking their marketing and supplier costs.

The site is totally W3C compliant an build on top of the fantastic PHP Kohana framework, for and easily future expansion. The design is by Praline.

The site aims to engage the viewer into interacting by writing, reading and searching short messages.

The entered text is stored in a database, and on each visit a random message is showed by interpolating the text into an image.

The text into image interpolation is achieved by an Open Source library I wrote called TIC freely available from here.

From an admin (private) section is possible to view and manage all the submitted text messages.

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